Nate Burns

Stewardship Associate

Phone: 919-908-8809, ext. 7015

What is your role at TLC? As the Stewardship Associate for TLC, I assist our Senior Land Manager in managing all of our owned properties.  This includes planning new nature preserves, helping to install and maintain trails, implementing management plans for each property, using ecological restoration to enhance and protect wildlife habitat, and regularly monitoring many of TLC’s owned properties. 

Favorite TLC Preserve: White Pines Nature Preserve – I feel at home in the mountains and with the sloped terrain and the micro-ecosystem more commonly found in the more western reaches of the state, White Pines gives me a home away from home.  Also, if you hike down the River Trail, you can view the beautiful confluence of the Rocky and Deep Rivers as an added bonus!

Nate joined TLC in April 2018 as the Stewardship Associate for all of the land trust’s owned properties.  He brings a wide set of skills related to conservation, recreation, and forestry to the position.  Nate graduated from Virginia Tech in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Recreation Management, as well as a Minor in Forestry.  Since graduation, Nate has worked as an arborist, as an outfitter, and as a fishing guide.  Prior to joining TLC, Nate was an arborist for Bartlett Tree Experts and did everything from climbing and pruning trees to implementing proper Integrated Pest Management techniques.  Through his education and experience, Nate has acquired skills and knowledge in outdoor recreation planning and policy, sustainable forestry practices, and great “hands on” ability with the related tools and equipment. Nate lives in Southwest Raleigh with his fiancée, Leanne, where they enjoy fishing and hiking around the local lakes and rivers.

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