Dymond Generette

Williamson Preserve Community Engagement Coordinator — CTNC AmeriCorps Member

What is your role at TLC?: I am the Community Engagement Coordinator at Bailey and Sarah Williamson Preserve under the CTNC Americorps Program. I develop and promote events, manage social media and website content, coordinate volunteer service projects, and establish Wake County partnerships for Williamson Preserve.

Favorite TLC Preserve?: Bailey and Sarah Williamson Preserve is my favorite preserve, and it will open to the public in April 2020! Its location in eastern Wake County is very unique because of its proximity to rural Shotwell and urban Knightdale engaging two different communities. The preserve also has an abundant amount of my favorite dragonfly species such as the Blue Dasher, Common Green Darner, and Common Whitetail near Frog Pond.

Dymond is a North Carolina native from Raeford, NC. She graduated from NC State in May 2019 with her B.S. in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Wildlife Sciences. After graduation, she accepted an internship with CTNC where she served at TLC as their Community Engagement Intern. During her internship, she applied to the CTNC AmeriCorps program for the opportunity to continue her work at TLC. She is excited to have a longer timeline to implement her events and be involved in the grand opening of Bailey and Sarah Williamson Preserve.

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