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Struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one? Down to the wire for a birthday or holiday present? Or do you just want to help enhance Brumley Forest for human and wildlife visitors? Then Give the Gift of TLC!

Use the form at the bottom of the page to purchase any of the gift options below and your tax deductible donation will cover the costs to purchase, install, protect, and care for your gift plus a one year TLC membership for your honoree!

Redbud Tree

jmnp_redbud_2003-0Photo by Bo Howes416-720x540

Photo by Doug Nicholas

There were over a hundred acres of loblolly pine at Brumley, the majority of which was planted for forestry, as we restore more natural ecosystems to this preserve we are prioritizing species that are native to area hardwood forests and are good for wildlife. This showy spring time tree has small pinkish flowers that blossom early in spring from bright red buds as the name implies. Birds, including bobwhite quail, frequent these trees for a snack and honeybees also like to forage from these lovely flowers. With your help, the trails of Brumley will boast a pink parade to let us know when spring has finally arrived!

Dogwood Tree

Photo by Doug Nicholas

Photo by Doug Nicholas

The state flower of North Carolina is a fan favorite for many reasons including its lovely flowers, brilliant leaves in their many fall colors, ability to flourish from the mountains to the coast, and of course state pride.  The beautiful flowers of the dogwood tree not only attract the admiration of humans, but are also popular with birds who consume their seeds and with rabbits, beavers, and deer who eat fallen leaves, flowers, and new sprouts. Plant a dogwood tree at Brumley and you’ll be providing food and shelter for wildlife and a lovely springtime display for human visitors!

Bluebird House

img_3223Once in serious decline due to loss of habitat and nesting sites, the eastern bluebird has seen its population recover thanks to the efforts of the human community. This year Triangle Land Conservancy partnered with the Eastern Bluebird Rescue Group to give safe homes in conserved habitats to North Carolina’s bluebirds. With your help we will install their tried and true bluebird houses at Brumley Forest Nature Preserve in time for local birds to establish residence before it opens in Spring!

Give a bluebird house in honor of a loved one and we will add a plaque with their name on the house then send a photo once it is installed!

Oak Tree

tree-christineThe king of the hardwood forest, oak trees are known for their great height, abundant food sources, and canopy forming habitat. At Brumley Forest we will be planting white oaks and northern red oaks both notable for their brilliant fall colors. These trees can reach heights of nearly 100′ over a lifespan of several hundred years.

Plant an oak tree on the permanently conserved grounds of Brumley Forest today and it is likely to tower over us providing, shade, nutrients, and sequestration for generations to come!

From planting trees to installing bird houses, choose any of the above and we will send:

      • A tax deductible acknowledgement letter to you for your donation
      • A one year TLC membership and welcome packet
      • A handwritten note to your gift recipient telling them of your donation
      • A set of four blank TLC note cards for your honoree



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