2021 Mini Hiking Challenge

What better way to kick off a New Year than to get outside? We are offering a very special mini hiking challenge for this winter that anybody and everybody can participate in! If you have already won the original challenge, only completed half, or if you haven’t logged your first hike, you are invited to participate!

It does not matter if you visit the same preserve over and over again or if you visit all of them for this mini challenge, the more times you get outside and #HikeTLC the better chance you have at winning a prize!

Wondering what the prizes are? Each week will be something different ranging from specially made TLC Masks to top prizes of some Mountain Hardware gear! Check this page and our social media to see what prizes you could win!

Mini Challenge Rules

  1. Please read all rules before starting the challenge.
  2. Anybody can participate in the mini challenge, regardless of membership status.
  3. The mini challenge will run from January 1st to March 31st, 2021.
  4. Every hike on a TLC preserve logged counts as 1 submission to the drawing for prizes.
  5. Every two weeks, we will draw winners, and the list will reset (so make sure you stay on top of logging your hikes or it might miss out.)
  6. You must either tag TLC in a post on social media with the hashtag #HikeTLC or submit a short quote about your hiking experience. However, using #HikeTLC will gain you an extra submission in the drawing.
  7. This Mini Challenge is different from the regular challenge. If you are participating in the regular Hiking Challenge, please make sure you are also logging your 6 preserve hikes on that page as well! Hikes can count towards both challenges.
  8. Good luck and have fun!


Weeks 1/1/21-1/15/21: Names Pulled 1/15 at Noon

1st- Mountain Hardware Beanie

2nd- TLC Baseball Cap

3rd- TLC Care Package

Weeks 1/16/21-1/29/21: Names Pulled 1/29 at Noon

1st- Mountain Hardware Beanie (choice from three styles)

2nd- TLC Baseball Cap

3rd- TLC Water Bottle and Stickers

Weeks 1/30/21-2/12/21: Names Pulled 2/12 at Noon

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