Private Land

Triangle Land Conservancy works with private landowners interested in ensuring the conservation of their properties. In the case of farm and timberland, TLC helps ensure the continued productivity of these working lands. In the case of natural lands, TLC helps manage wildlife habitats and stream buffers to enhance conservation values.

Farm family TLC and private landowners voluntarily enter into conservation agreements (also referred to as "conservation easements") that restrict activities on the property. These agreements become part of property deeds and are binding on future owners, as well. Each conservation agreement is different, allowing for conservation solutions that meet the needs of both the landowner and TLC.

One element that does not change is TLC’s responsibility to monitor the property, ensuring that the terms of the agreement are followed and enforced. Because these conservation lands remain in private ownership, public access to these properties is limited to special events at the discretion of the landowner.

The Margaret Reid Wildflower Garden is protected by TLC with a conservation easement. This garden is open to the public annually every Easter Sunday. There are also opportunities to get involved caring for this garden. 

Photo: Walt Leggett