Land We Own

Rapids in NC RiverOf the 17,000+ acres protected by TLC since 1983, we own and manage about 4,600 acres. Some of these great places are large tracts of land that provide significant stream buffers and wildlife habitat, while others are small jewels that preserve unique natural areas. Many of them are open to the public for recreation year-round, as are some of the places we have helped to protect in partnership with government or non-profit agencies.

Providing places for people to enjoy low-impact outdoor recreation is one feature that sets TLC apart from many other land trusts. Since our earliest days, TLC has recognized the importance of providing opportunities for people to visit the unique and beautiful natural areas we protect.

As a responsible land conservation organization, we balance recreation goals against conservation goals. This means not all of our properties will be open to the public. Other factors we take into account when deciding whether to open a property include legal access, visitor safety, and maintenance costs.

We define six of our conservation properties as TLC Nature Preserves. These places are developed for low-impact recreation like hiking, birdwatching, and photography. They have parking lots, information kiosks, bridges, benches and other amenities, well-marked trail systems, and trail maps available on site and online. In addition, we maintain one canoe access on the Deep River at McIver Landing. McIver Landing has a parking lot, information kiosk, paddle guide, and raised walkway.

Several other properties are what we call Conservation Lands. They are open to the public but not managed for public recreation. Parking lots are not provided, trail systems are primitive or nonexistent, and trail maps are not provided.

Three of our Conservation Partnership Properties are also open to the public. These are places TLC helped to protect, but we take no role in the current management.