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Improving Our Lives Through Conservation

TLC makes a positive, permanent impact on the Triangle’s quality of life by acquiring land to protect water, forests, and farms.

Safeguarding Clean WaterSafeguarding Clean Water
TLC protects land along key streams and reservoirs to safeguard clean drinking water for our expanding population. We acquire and preserve this land to create buffers that serve as natural water filters. Clean water plays a significant role in the vitality of our region, impacting the economy, environment, and residents alike. Our goal for protecting waterways is to support our region’s growth and to ensure accessible, clean water for drinking and recreation.


Connecting People with Nature

Connecting People with Nature
We provide places for people to rejuvenate in nature and to explore our lands—through greenways, waterways, trails and nature preserves. We host hikes, community events, educational outings, and we encourage exploration through our Backyard Adventure series. Our goal is to provide places for everyone to connect with nature and enjoy the unique natural areas that make our region so special.



Local Farms and Food

Local Farms and Food
We support agriculture programs and protect land for farming to ensure our region can grow fresh, local food for generations to come. The Triangle and the State of North Carolina have a strong, deeply-rooted history in agriculture—it remains our state’s single largest economic driver. TLC also supports community gardens and urban farming to meet the increasing demand for locally-grown food. Our goal is to inform our citizens about the importance of a vibrant farming community and to create a stronger connection between the farm and the food we eat.


Wildlife HabitatWildlife Habitat
We work with landowners to protect wildlife habitat to give native plants, animals, and the local ecosystem a place to thrive. A vibrant local wildlife population is critical to the health of our region. Our goal is to provide adequate space for animals and to create a sanctuary for native plants. Protecting land for wildlife habitat creates a sense of community and appreciation for the natural world.


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