Caring For Land

For TLC and all land trusts, acquiring land or a conservation easement is just the first step in protecting that land's conservation values. We protect and care for the land forever. From monitoring visits on our conservation easement properties to our work in maintaining or enhancing the benefits the land provides our community, caring for land is an important part of our work.

trail work

TLC staff regularly visit all the properties on which we hold a conservation easement to make sure the easement is being upheld. These visits involve getting on the ground, meeting with the landowner, and physically checking to make sure nothing on the property has changed to jeopardize the land's conservation benefits.

We also actively monitor the land we own, enlisting the help of our Site Stewards. Site Stewards are a group of volunteers who are able to regularly visit the land and report any problems.

In some instances, TLC manages land to create a better habitat for wildlife. We use a variety of tools and techniques to accomplish this, including forestry. We have a forest management policy in place to ensure we use forestry in appropriate and beneficial ways. We also use techniques such as prescribed burns, planting trees and removing invasive plants, among others.

If you would like to help us care for our land and volunteer as a Site Steward, as a member of our Trail Crew, or in a variety of other ways, check out our volunteer opportunities.

Opportunities are also available for corporate workdays. If your company would like to participate in a workday, contact TLC’s Land Manager, Walt Tysinger, at

Part of caring for land means putting the land to good use for the community. Some places best serve the Triangle if they are left untouched as a happy home for wildlife, with the ground filtering water as it flows to our reservoirs and water faucets. Other places are able to do that and more. TLC’s J. Logan and Elinor Moore Irvin Nature Preserve is just one example of land benefiting the Triangle in a myriad of ways.