Protecting Natural Habitats

Natural areas and well-managed forests support healthy ecosystems and balance our built environment by providing habitat for native plants and animals. TLC’s core strengths in this area continue to be identifying, prioritizing and securing protection of areas that still have high ecological or natural value. A key strategy to reach additional outcomes is to develop and complete comprehensive management plans for our preserves, allowing us to clearly define our ecological restoration goals. Finally, we see opportunities to develop pilot projects in urban areas, like urban forestry and pollinator gardens, which also overlap with our work under Connecting with Nature.



TLC protects natural habitats by

• opening public preserves in rural areas for habitat protection and public enjoyment
• identifying and protecting important natural areas and managed forests
• requiring conservation plans on all TLC protected natural areas and managed forests
• restoring land by removing invasive species and increasing native habitats
• encouraging and helping partner organizations protect such land.


white pine tree