Safeguarding Clean Water

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Population growth in our community increases demand for clean water, while associated pollution has compromised supply. TLC’s work toward under the clean water benefit reflects our core strengths in protecting streamside buffer zones and highlights continued partnerships in the Upper Neuse Basin as well as opportunities for more focused work in the Upper Cape Fear Basin to protect the Jordan Lake drinking water supply and partner to create new financing mechanisms. While we continue to look for land protection opportunities, newer strategic areas include collaborating with universities, utilities, and other organizations to restore funding for land protection and serving as a regional convener on water issues.


TLC reduces threats to clean water by

• protecting land along streams
• practicing and encouraging land management that keeps soil and pollutants out of streams
• leading the development of more effective, collaborative approaches to protecting water.

TLC is an active leader in water quality efforts, including the Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative which focuses on conserving nine different water resources and protects the drinking supply for 500,000 Triangle residents.