Connecting People with Nature

Connecting people with nature is essential as we look to balance our increasingly indoor, urban lives with the benefits and fun of being outside. Access to open space has been linked to healthier people. This core area of this benefit focuses on “activating” TLC preserves by planning, funding, and opening two more preserves (Brumley and Walnut Hill) and engaging people on our land through volunteer work and outings (click here to learn more about and register for our latest events and outings). Both initiatives are moving forward, with more than 30 outings scheduled this year. As we extend our work, we see a clear role for TLC to reestablish itself as a leading advocate for open space throughout the region, starting with a series of regional analyses to help make the case for conservation. Finally, new opportunities to connect people with nature in urban areas are already presenting themselves and must be further explored and evaluated.


TLC connects people with nature by

• creating trails, greenways, community gardens, and related education centers
• helping create parks and regional land and water trail systems
• coordinating outdoor activities at our nature preserves for the Triangle community
• working with partners to ensure that all people have convenient access to these amenities.

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