Honor & Memorial Gifts

A tax-deductible contribution to TLC can be a wonderful way to honor or remember your friends and loved ones.

In Honor of

David Williams
a gift from Mr. Ted Dossett

Marie Hammond’s May 1st
a gift from Marie and Ted Hammond

Scott A. Rogers
a gift from Catherine Inabnit

TLC Staff
a gift from Alison Hill and Tandy Jones

Happy Birthday Judith Valerie
a gift from Ms. Beverly J. Miller

Don Stephenson
a gift from Sarah A. Sasser

Tom McGuire
a gift from Triangle Community Foundation

Anne Stoddard’s dedicated
service to TLC
a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Tom Worth

Grand Trees of Chatham
a gift from Ms. Margaret Tiano

For White Pines directional
a gift from Bill Causey

In Memory of

Catherine MacNair Midyette
a gift from Mr. M.H. Wood

Cecile Burrus
a gift from Dr. Fabienne Worth

Ellen Marie Caparella
a gift from Angelo Caparella

Hildegard Ryals
a gift from Nan and Bob Keohane

Dorothy Onisko
a gift from Francine and Don Stephenson

Ivor Collins
a gift from Mrs. Shirley Collins

Margaret Reid's 101st birthday
a gift from Margie Reid

Jeanne Peck
a gift from Ms. Kathleen E. Scharl

John S. Landin, Jr.
a gift from Anne Landin

Sarah D. Willliamson
a gift from Dr. Amy J. Lewis

William Joslin
a gift from Mr. Charles Blanchard

Gifts listed were made December 2012 - May 2013